Boom pole VDB M-QT (0.6/2.66m)



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Microphone boompole 60cm/2,66m (quarter turn)

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The VDB M-QT boompole is build with 6 rigid carbon. A polished surface on the outer tube reduces handling noise. The VDB boom pole have between each section of the pole a precision machined internal incompressible joint, offering the minimum space to achieve a soft slide. It also contributes to the rigidity of the system and prevents the tubes from rattling when rotating or swinging quickly.

This new model "QT" has an innovative collars system for locking and loosing the pole by exentration with a 1/4 hand turn. The tightening doesn't have threads anymore which is an attractive feature against dust, sand, and makes this line adapted to any filming situation.

Instant optional cabling :

Straight or coiled internal microphone cable can be set or removed instantly in all the models without technical intervention. You can find the option here.

Specs :
Folded total length : 60cm
Unfolded, total length : 2.66m.
Total Weight : 420grs
It’s the ideal companion for documentary purposes due to its small space congestion and it will take place easily in your luggage

This new locking collar model is compatible with the classical range.

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Rubber heel for VDB Boom pole.


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