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Microphone amplifier for Audio LTD transmitters

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A Schoeps' Colette-series condenser microphone normally consists of a CMC microphone amplifier plus one of the many available types of SCHOEPS Colette series microphone capsule, operating from a source of 12-Volt or 48-Volt phantom powering. However, such powering is not available when the microphone is used with a pocket transmitter, as is often the case in film and television production. In these situations, the CMR microphone amplifier can be used.

The CMR allows any SCHOEPS ”Colette” series capsule (except the BLM 03 C active boundary layer capsule) to be used with pocket transmitters. As with electret microphones, only a very low supply current is required, yet the CMR offers low output impedance and good immunity to interference.
The biggest benefit of all, however, is SCHOEPS' well-known sound quality, which this amplifier delivers fully.

The robust connecting cable is reinforced with Kevlar fibers. It remains flexible at low temperatures, and does not twist.

Which audio devices can be used with CMR ?

If its input connector provides power to the microphone with a current of 1 mA and to provide a voltage of at least 4 V, the device is suitable (Audio Limited, for example).

Size and Specs :

  • Operating voltage : 4 - 10 V
  • Current consumption : approx. 1 mA
  • Sensitivity : approx. 0.6 times the value as measured with a standard CMC microphone amplifier. For example with the MK 4 cardioid, the sensitivity is about 8 mV/Pa
  • The maximum sound pressure is 130 dB SPL and the equivalent input noise is 29 dB CCIR or 18 dB A-weighted.
  • Frequency response : depends on the capsule that will be chosen
  • Maximum output voltage with 20kΩ load impedance : 900 mV (-1 dBV)
  • Maximum output voltage with 2kΩ load impedance : 560 mV (-5 dBV)
  • Output impedance at 1kHz : 15 Ω
  • Length : 38 mm
  • Diameter : 20 mm
  • Weight : 25 g
  • Length of the output cable : 2 m standard; other lengths available on request
  • Diameter of the output cable : 3 mm 
  • Connector : The connector is wired to the customer's specifications.

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