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Created in 2005 by 4 professional sound engineers, A4audio company is located in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. It specializes in renting and selling professional sound recording devices for film production (feature films, TV films, documentaries, etc.). The technical innovation combined with A4audio creativity allow you to benefit from the most suitable audio configurations for your projects. To ensure the best possible service, our professional and always available team offers you a high-quality support and a caring ear to all of your needs.



The mission of A4audio is to allow its customers to lend and buy the latest audio devices, which meet professional film shootings requirements. In our catalog, you will find the latest professional equipment. Between technical constraints of film production and budgetary requirements, we are known to be listening to our customers, in order to help them find the right solution and make their projects professional successes.

Create and design

To permanently stay responsive to the needs of sound engineers we have created the Cantar Bag, the Power-Pack. and the QLA (Quick-Lock), range of boom poles. All these innovative products have been entirely thought and designed by the A4audio R&D department to facilitate the work of professional sound engineers and increase their productivity.

Custom-made sound carts

The mini sound cart, one of our top selling products, is the most convenient and effective alternative system for sound equipment transport. Like many products conceived and designed by A4audio engineers, it has been copied and marketed by our competitors, for our greatest pride.


A large variety of audio devices configurations are available. Each of them will suit a different kind of film shooting (feature film, corporate movie, TV advertisement, etc.). We adapt our products to the needs of our customers. We supply them with audio devices of impressive reliability at the cutting edge of technology.

Your production company has specific constraints ? We will help you find the solutions that will meet both your technical and financial requirements.


The success of A4audio company was made possible thanks to the willingness of everyone of A4audio staff (sound engineers coming from feature films, documentaries, TV advertisement) to take advantage of its experience to fulfill the needs of its customers. Our field experience allows us to keep our audio gear up to date and suited to the professional world requirements. At A4audio we find the right solutions for any problem that might occur.


A working space at the disposal of sound engineers and production companies where they can find the right equipment for their professional projects. Five spacious and well-lit areas reserved for gear preparation before film shootings. A working space where sound engineers can benefit from A4audio technicians care and expert advice regarding the settings and adjustments of their material.

A showroom and a store in which all the leading brands are present (SENNHEISER, WISYCOM, AUDIO-LIMITED,) where you can benefit from the expert advices of our welcoming commercial team, always responsive to the needs of our customers, aware of the latest updates in terms of commercial offers.

Our technical team is responsible for welcoming and advising the customers as well as helping the sound engineers prepare their audio equipment before film shootings. Our commercial team will work hand in hand with production companies managers to deal with the financial aspect of the project and its follow-up.


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