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Windshield for backpack microphones.

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BubbleBee Industries is specialized in backpack microphone windshield production. There is on windshield for every kind of microphones. 

Two colors available : White ou black.

"The Twin Winbubbles" is a "2 units package" version.

Key strengths :
  • The microphone sound response remains preserved and sounds keep its 
    natural aspect.
  •  Great reduction of wind disturbances, thanks to a very particular fabrication. The wind doesn’t succeed in “entering in” nor altering the sound spectra.
  • The Bubble will stay firmly gripped on the microphone as soon as 
    you have installed it.
  • “Scratching” sounds of any sort  (such as those caused by the clothes coming in contact) will be drastically smoothed due to a subtle choice made among all possible thin materials.

Les différentes tailles :

  • BL1 : Soft bubble shaped windscreens size 01 (28mm) suited for 3 to 4mm diameter microphones : COS-11 (with no windshield installed) ; Countryman B6/B2D/E6 ; Sennheiser MKE1.
  • BL2 : Soft bubble shaped windscreens size 02 (35mm) suited for 5 to 8mm diameter microphones : COS-11 (with no windshield installed) ; Countryman B3 ; DPA 4060 ; Sennheiser MKE 2.
  • BL3 : Soft bubble shaped windscreens size 03 (40mm) suited for 5 to 9mm diameter microphones : COS-11 (with windshield installed) ; Countryman EMW, DPA 4060 ; Sennheiser MKE 2.
  • BL4 : Soft bubble shaped windscreens size 04 (42mm) suited for 8 to 13mm diameter microphones : COS-11 (with large metallic windshield installed) ; Contryman EMW ; Sennheiser MKE4/MKE2/ME102/ME104 (with metallic MZW2 windshield installed).

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