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Recorder + Mixing Control Surface Pack 

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Sound Devices 788 T :

8/12-track digital recorder with Time Code. 250 GB internal Hard Drive + CompactFlash slot, input port 1394A & B. 8 microphone amplifiers, front panel adjustable inputs, Mic or Line, or AES, including AES42 for digital microphones, Analog and digital outputs, AES and SPDIF. Internal and external World Clock. Mixdown 8x2. 8-track recording + 2 double mix-downs (12 channels). Possibility to record 8-tracks and mix down on external Hard Drive (MixDown only on external media). Splash-proof front panel. Backlit LCD display viewable in any environment. Shipped with battery and charger. Weight : 1,7 Kilos, dimensions (similar to the 442) 4,2x25,4x15,9 cm

Sound Devices CL8 :

This convenient mixing control surface, totally suited to static configuration (audio trolley for instance), features a one-channel parametric equalizer on each input, as well as a Left/Right panoramic control. The CL-9 allows also to control various parameters of the 788T menu display, like the levels of the 9 outputs, the recording status of 12-track and solo recording. 

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Digital Audio Recorder without Time Code


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