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Portable control panel 

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Cantarem is a remote portable control panel offering eight linear actuators that can be assigned to any of Cantar's nine input preamps and six mixdown faders. Its small size allows it to be placed under the front of Cantar without hindering access to keys or hide modulometers.The keyboard keys are used to assigning slices and listening to solos. Two Cantarem can be ganged to form a sixteen channel distant controller.

Caractéristiques techniques :

  • Fader : Penny+Gilles faders water and sand-resistant 
  • Assigned faders : Mic , line , lines 1+2, lines 3+4, track, line-out, foldback ,Pan
  • Connectors : Lemo5 Ascii & LTC, USB, PDA
  • Connections : Lemo8M-SubD15M
  • Software version : Cantar equals at 1.68 or more
  • Dimensions : (H x L x W) : 240 x 215 x 25mm
  • Weight : 0,79 kg

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