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8-input Audio Mixer

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The Sonosax SX-ST8 is an ergonomic audio mixing console with extraordinary features. This modular audio mixing console is among the most compact of the market. Although small in size, it offers many features and a wide choice of configurations to suit the needs of each user. Thanks to its modularity, the numbers of functionalities and the wide range of possible configurations, the SONOSAX SX-ST8 mixing console is ideal for many applications, such as : video, television, cinematography productions and post production systems. The SONOSAX SX-ST8 is available in a variety of configurations (up to 10 input modules). The Master & Monitoring module contains 8 Master outputs, 4 Auxiliary outputs, and the triple monitoring section with two lines of private communication. 

Size and Specs :

  • Input selector (XLR – IN B) : XLR3-F female connector and Sub-D 25-pin connector (IN B 1-8)
  • Line out : Each channel features a direct Line out (pre-EQ or post-EQ, or post Fader in Sub-D 25 pin)
  • Pole reversal : Input signal 180 degrees phase rotation
  • Input gain control : Monitoring from -20dB up to +80dB. Maximum input power is +25dBu
  • Limiter (non-VCA version): This threshold can be tuned from -∞ up to -30 dB
  • Filter and equalizer : Very efficient filter and equalizer 
  • Progressive high-pass filter : Its tunable range goes from 15Hz to 400Hz, fixed slope is 18dB / octave
  • 3 channels semi parametric equalizer : 80 Hz and 8 kHz high-pass filter, low-pass filter. Trebles and bass set up is made through 2 potentiometers (+/- 15 dB range)
  • Bus mixer assignment  : Bus selector (1 to 8) can be tuned to adapt to the user's needs (Pré-Fader / Off / Post-Pan or Post-Fader Pré-Pan / Off / Post-Pan)
  • 1 to 4 auxiliary outputs : equipped with 4 mixer buses (AUX 1 to 4) to create mixes. 
  • Level switch (12 - 24) : Switch 12 - 24 allows to select between two kinds of gain settings for channel fader
  • Dual modulomètre with 5 LED : the dual peak-meter with 5 LEDs indicates modulation levels Pre and Post-fader
  • Buffer PFL/AFL button : the (P/A) button to start individual channel listening either pre-fader (PFL) or post-fader (AFL)
  • 1 to 8 feedbacks : Up to 8 feedback can be plugged to the Sub-D25 (RETURN 1-8)
  • External power supply : 10 to 18 V in XLR4
  • Dimensions (H x L x W) : 75 x 410 x 440 mm
  • Weight : 7.9 kg

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