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Designed by A4 audio, this mini sound cart has become a vital tool for all sound engineers. Lightweight and rugged, this sound cart can hold 6 HF, a recorder and a audio mixer or controller in the smallest possible space. Equipped with rubber wheels, it is easily moved on any terrain. 

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Are included with this mini sound cart  :

- One main tray for the recorder 

- One removable tray with safety lock for an audio mixer or controller 

- A large drawer

- Storage space (cables, batteries, etc.)

- 1 rack to hold up to 6 wireless RF receivers 

- 2 platforms for boom poles

- 2 platforms for rods (umbrella, telescopic rod, ...)

- 2 wheels equipped with a locking system 

- 2 rubber wheels, perfect for all terrain  (road, land, sand, ...)

- Removable handle for transport

- Dismountable axle and wheels for freight transportation

- Box Dimensions (HxLxW) : 74 x 47,5 x 42,5

- Weight : 27,5Kg 

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