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MTP41 is an extremely small and light pocket transmitter (similar in size to the 5212 from Sennheiser). It is especially designed for professional wireless microphone applications in film production, its compact size allowing him to be easily hidden under the clothes. Very easy and quick to use thanks to OLED display, dedicated buttons and a joggle selector. MTP41 benefit also of the latest Wisycom RF technology along with an enhanced robustness against noise.

Size and Specs :

Switchable channels2400 frequencies by 40 groups of 60 channels
Up to 232 MHz, depending on the band :
1) 470 ÷ 640 MHz
2) 566 ÷ 798 MHz
FrequenciesQuartz PLL frequency synthesizer circuit (25 kHz step)
Frequency stability

± 2,5 ppm (in the rated temperature range)
± 2,5 kHz (in the rated temperature range)

Temperature range-10 ÷ +55 ° C
Max RF power 50 mW (ERP) when high power selected
 10 mW (ERP) when low power selected
Modulation wideband FM, with 50 µs pre-emphasis
Telemetry featureMTP40 transmits also a digitally modulated sub-carrier, suitable for:  
 tone-squelch operating ;  remote battery monitoring ;  optional PTT (push to talk) operation
AF input connector 

Configurable on ‘mic’ display menu in 3 options:

 ’2 wires’: gain selectable -40 ÷ +40 (-54 dBu ÷ +26 dBu peak), no bias voltage

 ‘2 wires + bias’: gain selectable -20 ÷ +40 (-54 dBu ÷ + 6 dBu peak), 5.5 V on 4k7 bias supply

 ‘3 wires: gain selectable -40 ÷ +40 (-54 dBu ÷ +26 dBu peak)
AF input level :
80 dB adjustable range from -60 dBu (775 uV) to 26 dBu (15.5 V) at peak deviation (1 kHz), adjustable in 1 dB steps

AF. input level80 dB adjustable range from -60 dBu (775 uV) to 26 dBu (15.5 V) at peak deviation (1 kHz), adjustable in 1 dB steps
Max. input level+26 dBu (15.5 V) at clipping, +20 dBu (7.75 V) at nominal level
CompanderENR (Wisycom Extended-NR), voice enhanced
ENC (Wisycom Extended-NC), music instruments enhanced
AF bandwidth 45 Hz ÷ 21 KHz (3dB)
Distorsion<0,3% (0,15% typ.)
Signal-to-noise ratio typ. 115 dB (A)rms with 40 kHz deviation
 typ. 121 dB (A)rms with 56 kHz deviation
LEDLed indication with bicolor led (red & green) on wireless power switch:
 Wireless transmission status: GREEN on/off
 Modulation peek (if activated): RED 
 Battery lifetime status: GREEN - steady (> 25%) - slowly blinking (< 25%) - quickly blinking (<12%)
 Ptt status: RED if active
DisplayHigh contrast OLED (Organic light-emitting diode) bicolor display (96 x 36 pixels)
8 step battery lifetime indication: 7 bars (100%-87%-75%-63-50%-38%-25%) and “empty bar” quickly blinking (12% remaining)
Power supply1 AA size batteries (Alkaline, rechargeable NiMH)
Battery life (AA battery)approx. 11 hours for 50mW continuous work
up to 14 hours for 10 mW
Dimensions73 x 61 x 17,5 mm (H x L x W) without clip
WeightApprox. 80 g. without batteries (120g with batteries)

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