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Rycote size 2 windshield for short microphones. 

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This windshield features : a modular suspension with 2 clips which holds the microphone in his cradle, a jersey for protection in light wind conditions, and fur offering optimal protection in strong winds conditions. 

Rycote windshield / suspension systems are the original, iconic systems used by audio professionals around the world since 1969. Rycote has applied numerous industry-leading engineering developments evolving this system to maintain its status as the gold standard over the past decades. The WS 2 kit is designed for short microphones and is compatible with : AKG: CK1 C451, CK1 C460 SE300 B (CK91, 92, 93), C391 B / Audio-Technica: AT 4021, ATM 33a / Audio-Technica: ATM 33a / BeyerDynamic: M 160, M 201, MC 713, MC 723 / DPA: 4006, 4017C / Schoeps: CMC Series / Sennheiser: MKH 20, 30, 40, 50. 

Size and Specs :

  • Body Length : 210 mm
  • Total Length : 320 mm (includes the End Caps)
  • Height of Windshield : 100mm
  • Fur Length : 40mm
  • Fur color : Grey
  • Microphone Connector : XLR-3F
  • Max Wind-noise Attenuation : 50 dB

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RYCOTE INVISION Studio Microphone Suspension.


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